Tax time means belt tightening time...

so...to come up with what we owe...we have to cut our grocery and gas bill.
I have 400 dollars for the month.
What is the first thing to go....

paper towels.
I can use newspaper instead.
next thing to go..
Garbage bags.
You know why...at my store you have an option of paper or plastic.
So I choose paper and use paper sacks.
I don't know if you remember your mom using paper sacks for garbage bags.
I do.
So that's what we'll be using.
Next up
Bake your own bread.
I can get a 25 pounds sack of flour for 10 bucks.
buy some yeast..
It's about 50 cents a loaf...
as opposed to 3.00 dollars..
add to that all the biscuits and noodles you can make with that flour.
The pancakes.
There is a reason it's called the staff of life.
No more than 2.50 per pound.
That means loads of chicken.
and the beef comes from 'reduced' section of the grocery store.
I spent 280 dollars at the beginning of the month for staples..
dog food
dishwashing liquid.
baking soda and baking powder..
chicken bullion
beef bullion
frozen chicken
reduced beef..
economy tub of peanut butter.
you get the picture....
enough for a one month supply
and am supplementing with the deer and elk we shot over the winter..
and the half a pig we went in on with some very good friends.
And we will be fine.
maybe you all have ways you cut back on your food budget.
I would appreciate any ideas you all might have.


Robin said...

I would suggest stocking up on seeds and planting a garden. Be aware of the "correct" times to plant. Different fruits and vegetables are supposed to be planted at different times and some do better in more/less sun. So, know your particulars before you put it in the ground. You might want to add starter kits into your budget to help some of the harder to grow things along. If you buy these things a little at a time they are more affordable. And food out of your own garden is already organic. That is all I have to add. Great list. (I also recommend Heirloom Seeds since they are seed that is non-hybrid. That means you can replant more veggies or fruits using the seed that came out of the veggie or fruit you just harvested. Most seeds are hybrids and you cannot do that... one planting and you are done.)

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Oh, I am so with you on this right now. We sold a bunch of stocks when we bought our condo and ugh, the tax bill is scary!!!
All I can really say is that at least you don't let the government borrow your money for free and sometimes it's fun to just get back to basics and dig deep to see what we are made of.
I know you got this! And the only tip I can think of at this point is that I make a sort of game out of seeing how I can use every last scrap of every meal to incorporate it into another meal, until it's gone. Sometimes it's amazing to see how far you can stretch meat, etc.