using coupons

I don't normally...unless it's a really good deal.
But last night...I had some 'just for U' coupons from Safeway that I wanted to use..
Now safeway has store coupons that you can put onto your safeway card electronically that are good for ALL club members..
and then they have coupons they tailor just for you.
I have unlimited milk for 2 dollars a gallon...or had, till march 5th.
So off I went to safeway, not only  that but I had a 10 percent pff any Safeway brand product..
plus a 20 cent per gallon discount per gallon of gas if I spent 20 dollars at a go.
So I buy 6 gallons of milk (12 dollars-1.20 is 10.80....or a 1.80 a gallon...(which I freeze....if you drain a bit off the top, you can freeze the milk and it doesn't affect the quality of the milk.)  and some apples, oranges and a few other items..
so I get to the counter and the lady at the counter tells me the milk doesn't count toward the 20 dollars, 20 cent per gallon discount.
Prior to that trip I had 3 out  of 100 points toward a gas reward.
I didn't argue with her..I thought it was still a good deal and proceeded..
I didn't buy anything else but what I had already put in my cart..
The lady was WRONG.
I did get the 20 cent discount..I had two gas rewards when I was done.
I didn't say anything as I didn't want her to take it back..but I did wonder how many people went back to get more stuff in the wrongheaded delusion they were 'saving' money.
unfortunately or fortunately for me...I don't have the luxury.

So...My take on coupons is..
If it is something you normally buy, that you know the price of....that is an excellent deal.
Take the coupon...stick to that item and get in and get out.
Most of the time stores use items called 'loss leaders' to pull you into the store...to suck you in thinking you are getting a deal.
And then you spent an additional 20 dollars on things you don't need.
Loss leaders are just what they sound like...
items the store is willing to lose money on to pull you in..
so don't fall for it.
Get in and get out.
And if possible...combine it with a dual offer.
Chris out.

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'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Awesome deal for you and sound advice! You can't 'save' money on things you never meant to buy. And so great to know since I use the Safeway deals fairly often as well.