unique ways to save money on your electric bill

Make everyone use candles.

Catch field mice so they can generate electricity via a small wheel attached to a generator.

Steal it from your neighbor.

Tell your kids that after 7 o clock every night you are playing blind man's bluff and hit the main switch.

Ditch the fridge and eat only canned soup.
after opening the can with a spoon.

Hang your clothes outside till it rains...that will wash them...and then let them dry when the sun comes out..
in between....your naked.
What's the big deal.

Don't plug your tv in...write your own script and let the kids play the parts of  your favorite show..
if it's something truly interesting like Dexter...you have the added benefit of explaining complex life situations.

Instead of a phone...get two tin cans and one heck of a long piece of string...it really works.
if that fails..
two words.
smoke signals.

Any one else got some great electricity saving ideas?
I'm all ears.
Chris out.

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