emergency essentials for your car

Hey all,
It's been a while....but I have been busy.
I am cleaning out closets and organizing my food storage areas.
I have been working on getting the different areas organized.
If you don't know where things are, you can spend money you don't need to spend on items you already have.
Which is why I have been cleaning.
Tonight I put a bug out bag in my van.
It has 4 mre's (meals ready to eat)...a swiss army knife...an emergency blanket.
I am going to put together a first aid kit for the car as well.
I would also like to put emergency purified water in the car and a case of mre's.
Each MRE has 2000 calories.
A case has 12...or three days of food for a family of four.
You can get mre's through emergency essentials (in the link on the left).
They stay good for a long time..
at least 3 years.
usually for many more than that.
Especially if stored indoors.
flares, and orange triangles, jumper cables, a flashlight..a firestarter wouldn't go amiss either.
A jack and a spare tire...
These are all good things to keep in the car.
If you have anything you like to keep in your car in case of emergency...put it in the comments below and I will share it with everyone.
Have a great night guys,
will be back soon with more information and updates.
Chris out.


The New Christine said...

When I lived in the Northwest, I was more concerned about frostbite than I am here in AZ. I would keep gloves, one of those instant hand warming packs (shake it up and it produces heat), and a snow-scraper! My parents always insisted on having a tent and a fishing rod, lol. ;)

Here is AZ, you want plenty of water and an extra hat. Maps of the area, maybe? Looks like you got it covered.

I should get on this, my car needs cleaned out and stocked up!

The New Christine said...

Oh, I forgot! A bag of rock salt or kitty litter in case you get stuck in a snow drift!

Val N. said...

I keep a shovel with a short handle, a deck of cards, extra socks for each member of my family and hand warmers as well. I keep a gallon jug of water along with a 6 pack of bottled water. I can't keep MREs because we are celiac, so I have a backpack with pb, crackers, soup, etc. I keep a first aid kit and a CPR mask in there too. I have several small blankets too. Must be a living in the North kind of thing.

Val N. said...

The situation in Japan is a good reminder of why I keep food, water and gasoline on my property. This morning BBC was reporting that the grocery stores were emptied, and very few gas stations were open.