Be Prepared....

Hey to anyone who wants to read this!

I have started this blog to document my attempts at becoming prepared for most eventualities and to share whatever I learn with whomever wants to read it.
I also started this blog because I wanted to condense some of the information I have gleaned over the last two years of reading, into one place.
When I talk about this stuff, no one seems to know where to go to get this information.
It can seem overwhelming.
I know I felt overwhelmed when what was happening started to creep into my conscious mind.
I know there is some scary stuff going on right now.
This will not be a place where I will be beating the fear drum.
I will be pointing out some of the indicators which have caused me to make this endeavor a serious one.

We have lived in a time and place that has been relatively prosperous and peaceful.
In the whole stretch of time, there have been few times when anyplace has been this untouched by famine or war.
We are some lucky people.
However, we seem to be entering a period of economic and political uncertainty, and I don't see us coming out of it anytime soon.
We are devaluing our dollar by monetizing our debt, and our politicians don't seem to have the intestinal fortitude to do what it would take to stop spending and start paying down our debt.
So what are we to do?
Sit with folded hands and wait for inflation?
Or should we do all we can within our means to prepare.
I believe prior planning prevents poor performance.
I have listed numerous links to the left of the page.
There are links for food storage and food calculators.
I will be adding more informational links as I go.
Right now I am in the process of cleaning out our garage so we can store items in there..
Things like soap and laundry detergent.
As much as possible, all food should be stored in a temperature controlled environment.
So it should be inside.
This will prolong the shelf life of your food.
Alternating heat and cold will cause food to deteriorate quickly.
You'll want to protect your investment.
If you are like me, and have limited funds and limited space, you won't want to waste money on unnecessary spoilage.

So This blog will not only consist of what I am buying, but how I can lower the overall cost of preparation.
I will be adding videos on couponing, On how to store grains, and sugar and dry goods.
I will talk about food storage rotation, canning, gardening, food dehydration and when the best time is to buy clothing, and other items for less than you would normally pay.
My next post will be on Sunday.
I will talk about a good way to start your food storage and some food storage options,
As well as finding places to store your food and deciding which food to store.
Have a Good Weekend,
See you Sunday.


Robin said...

My grandparents lived in preparation for this their entire lives. It all seemed silly to me when I was growing up. Of course, they never needed it. And they did it because it they were children of The Great Depression. You don't forget that kind of going without. It makes a mental impression and when you do have the means you live in a state of "preparedness." I remember their basement always seemed like a bomb shelter. As a teenager, I thought that they could successfully survive for years on their canned goods and they had enough soap for their washer/dryer to last years. My grandma bought everything when it was on sale whether she needed it or not. Of course, she was the same woman who got an orange for Christmas as a little girl.

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Wow, Chris. You certainly are realistic :)
I agree that being prepared is very very important. But I guess I've only really thought about it in my everyday life (being prepared for class, etc.) I haven't put as much thought into long time considerations as you have. Would you agree that our culture is very "living for the moment"?

pinkvision said...

Hi Chris, my bible memory isn't the greatest but I am reminded here of the parable of the ten virgins, and how those who husbanded their resources were able to follow the bridegroom to the wedding...

I guess good advice, the oil, is out there for all those who wish to hear, and put it to good use! I look forward to reading!